Should I Use Scholarship Owl for My Kid?

I recently signed up for Scholarship Owl.  I got almost all the way through the process, until I realized that I had to pay for it.  My daughter is only a freshman in high school.  By the time she graduates from high school, I will be close to retirement age.  I am looking for tools like Scholarship Owl to help me find scholarships so I don’t have to deplete my retirement savings in order to pay for school.

What is Scholarship Owl?

Scholarship Owl is considered to be a Freemium service, which is why I got only so far in the process.  A part of it is free and another part of it is not.  Well, the best part is not free.  In the beginning it asks for basic information, but before you get to the part where you can find scholarships, it asks for a credit card.  For parents looking to save money this is not a win.  I wouldn’t necessarily advise you sign up for it until you’re truly ready to use it because the service is $500/year for the ELITE package.  Otherwise, it’s $20/mo. which is not so bad.

Scholarship Owl also gives away it’s own award called the You Deserve It Scholarship.  Now let me tell you something funny.  One of their award winners actually states that she found out about their award on another competitor site (Fastweb).  The winner said and I quote:

I went on the Fastweb and saw ” You Deserve It Scholarship” for $1,000 provided by ScholarshipOwl.

Oh well…I guess that’s okay.  It doesn’t matter how she found out about the scholarship as long as she did.

Honestly because the scholarship is a random drawing everyone should apply, you only need to be 16 years old and enrolled in high school or college in the U.S.

Scholarship Owl Is Not a Scam

If you have kids in high school, I would encourage you to apply for Scholarship Owl, especially once they turn at least 16 years old.  It doesn’t hurt to get started early especially since many of these are random drawings. A lot of these scholarship are more like sweepstakes than scholarships.  So it’s like playing lotto, you have to be in it to win it.  And I encourage you to get in it.

Signing up for all of these scholarships can be overwhelming. This is the main reason why sites like Scholarship Owl come into play because they help you to keep track of all of the scholarships that you apply to.  If you write one good essay you can actually make this worth your while.  However I do have one piece of advice.  Create a separate email account and a dummy password for all of the websites that you will have to register for.  You definitely don’t want to have all of that crowding up your main email account.

Other Sites You Can Use to Find Scholarships

There are a ton of new websites that you can use in order to find scholarships like Fast Web, even Sallie Mae has a scholarship search option.  I encourage you to find a tool or get yourself a good old fashion Excel spreadsheet and use it to keep track of all of the scholarships that you apply to.  As your kids win awards, I encourage you to create a teen account for your kids and keep any and all awards in this account to have it available for them when they’re ready to go off to school.

Happy searching!

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